Essence of Cloud

$60.00 AUD

355 Page Paperback Novel
Written by Mark Eliott

Design by Campbell Venrooy
Cover Artwork and Illustrations by Simi Eliott & Dion Cozic

"Essence of Cloud is a whimsical tale of intrigue, fantasy
and earth repair. Beginning in sixteenth century Galicia, Dario, an apprentice alchemist, pines for the heart of his childhood playmate Antía but she has joined an order of nuns who are much more than they seem.
Five centuries and eight countries are traversed in pursuit of cloud essence, a rare and almost undetectable substance captured in a peculiar vessel disguised as a Spanish trick glass.
The tale drifts over an embellished family history – occasionally alighting on the truth. Along the way you will pick up a little of the magic of the glass blower’s craft."

Mark Eliott is an award-winning glass artist venturing beyond the walls of his studio.

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